All is quiet on the western front, or inside.  A feeling of inner peace regained, never lost but darkened by clouds that I had not let go, it feels so good to let things and thoughts go, to look at them and let them go, let them be and go as a cloud.

Things come and go as the saying goes.

Today, I felt good, in the morning I had a session with Mrs Palti, the psychotherapist, and I told her about the disturbing thoughts I've had for 2 days regarding the headmistress of the school where I work, and the need for recognition from her, this figure of authority, representing the mother figure, and a mixture of feelings, jealousy, dependency but above all, guilt and shame to feel those emotions, rather than let them be and go, I felt overwhelmed by guilt and shame but I didn't allow them to exist but I could observe them, that was a good thing and I'm happy about that, but I let myself be frightened by them and tried to hide them.

Well, I did my best as I always try to do.


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