Today, I sat the internal examination for chancellery coworker, category C.  I really had a nice, I went there with no pressure, the pressure was yesterday evening when I felt the pressure rising, thinking about the exam and all the day, the interactions I'd had and so on.

I met 2 nice girls today, first Paule-Elise and then Hammel.  Paule-Elise came to talk to me just at the end of the examination this morning and I asked her if I could lunch with her, she joined a friend of hers that she'd met last year for the same internal examination and we went to lunch together.  2 very pleasant women I enjoyed chatting with and being with.  I was really at ease all day long, no responsibility at work just being there and trying.  I felt very proud of myself for having been there, sat the exam and done my best.

This afternoon, was the English translation.  A news article about Trump's policy and effort to repeal asylum laws.  Rather difficult to translate, I understood very well but I couldn't always find the right word(s) or expressions, or "tournures de phrase" in French which corresponded to the English sentence or meaning.  Well, a very good and interesting exercise I must say, well pity it will count because it's an exam not just an exercise.  Still, a life experience.

This evening when I came back home, I found the answer for my long term sick leave.  I have been given it and this for more than 5 months.  I'm very happy and felt very moved by this permission to have a break and to recover myself and move on, live and be, here and now.   I feel blessed for people really help me and I feel moved for I know I need it, and I deserve it, it's like a recognition but also an accompaniment on my life path.   I am allowed to change direction and to try something more in harmony with myself and rather more concrete with the world, in sharing the world, in love and harmony with myself and the others.

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