A rebel got ink

19 mars 2019


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18 mars 2019

Inner peace (2) aka LOVE - THE POWER OF TRUST

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18 mars 2019

Inner peace

So appeasing to be with oneself sometimes, the exterior can be sometimes very tiring, people's sufferings,  judgments or prejudices can be narrowing and reducing.   Forms can take so much space in people's minds sometimes and simplicity is so liberating and pleasant sometimes. I'm talking about cooking, I'm not very good or very used to cooking and I lack some knowledge on it.  Furthermore, I don't have cooking utensils or people to cook to, or basically sometimes I'm too lazy to cook and in our consumer society,... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2019


Pure love  No boundaries, no condition, forever and ever ...
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04 mars 2019


Doing some arrowwords, kind of struggling to find famous English names or surnames in English television or Engllish culture.  Good that the internet helps me with it. Happy about my day, though tired.  Went to the MGEN workshop this morning, always very enriching to share one's own experience and tips about one's own professional experience.  So interesting to speak with the others and their experience as well, many have the same anxieties and fears as I do.  Christine the moderator is very reassuring and... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2019

Full moon

Renewal, transformation, shining light Tears are coming out All over my face, they shine It feels so good, it feels so right I'm getting purified, my face is shining Like a diamond, a light, a star shining among the stars (my friends) Sharing and glowing bright, I'm in heaven on earth, I'm happy, awake and conscious, walking in the sky on earth, No guilt, no shame, forgiving, in harmony, simply living and being wholly in the whole.
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17 février 2019


(my) Living and (my) being is a treasure that must be caressed always. A gift, a beauty, a joy to be taken care of and shared like a shining flower.
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07 février 2019


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06 février 2019


This morning, found a 1 c coin, offered Seb a coffee, gave a Mars (I'd found on the pavement yesterday) to a woman begger in the tube.  Was lucky for I forgot one of my 2 bags in a velib's case, went to do some food shopping, realised that I'd forgotten it only when I was about to pay, then left to go back to the velib and there the bag was, still there :-) I felt so relieved and so happy to realise how fortunate I was. Thank you the world, thank you for all I have, the joy of LIVING and BEING!
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06 février 2019

Nostalgy - Inner child

Many emotions today, joy, wholeness, sadness, anxiety, fears, pride, self-confidence, auto parenting... I felt like crying so overwhelmed by all these emotions provoked, triggered by all the people I meet, all the things I do which sometimes cause me some fears and doubt, then my inner child gets worried, scared, or frightened by all the things I achieve, and things, thoughts, emotions go... Sometimes I wish Long was still here by me, hugging me or at least a man, or a parent hugging me, my father for he was confident whatever... [Lire la suite]
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