A rebel got ink

04 juillet 2019


What a day today?   Everyday is so intense in my life now, I feel so intensely whenever I'm in the world, I feel like a flower drinking the nectar of the day, feeling the waves, the intensity in each relation with someone else. My body is breathing, everything is bursting into life, an explosion of emotions and energy, life, I feel like everything is moving around me, I'm in a whirlpool in a round of interactions, playing, dancing, singing, speaking, reacting, looking, feeling, tasting, laughing, aching, smiling, expressing... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2019


Human relationships... endless stories, anecdotes, misunderstandings, love. As I stand looking outside my huge window, the sun is setting, I feel in New York, the view I have reminds me of Flat Iron Building and all the American buildings with Fire Exit ladders outside the buildings on the walls, I find them so characteristic of American city life and I love them. This morning, slept til 10 am but I don't really know if I slept that well for last night was the Music Festival and outside the music was on til late at night and so... [Lire la suite]
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18 juin 2019

No regrets

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18 juin 2019


Regrets I had a few but then again, too few to mention ... I did it my way. But then again I can't go backwards and back then what happened happened, what I did, I did. So be it. Thanks life for all these not so wonderful and so wonderful experiences I had, I simply am.
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12 juin 2019

In praise of solitude

A piano piece by Japanese composer Sakamoto Ryuishi, so beautiful and airy. Nostalgy about the past, nostalgy about the love I had for Long, too much love I guess, is there something as loving too much?  Don't know, I guess the child's love, the love one has and can't share.   Creativity is a way of sublimating one's own overwhelming emotions, I now understand how some artists must have felt overwhelmed by their emotions and having to translate them in words, in music, in painting, in art, beauty and love. I could... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2019


Difficultés parfois quand je projette. Ce que ce que les gens font ou disent me rappellent des blessures de mes parents le plus souvent qui avec ceux qu'ils ont pu dire ou faire notamment ne pas faire quand j'étais ado, c'est à dire m'accompagner, être présent et me faire parler ou voir que je souffrai, m'ont beaucoup blessé, mise en colère et attristé. Je me suis sentie ignorée, délaissée, abandonnée, rejetée, comme si je n'existai pas.  Je sais que j'existai mais la colère de mon frère prenait trop de place et ils ne se... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2019


   Merci, je suis là
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15 mai 2019

Life is beautiful

We are all shining stars. How nice to live and be, and welcome all that comes, emotions, thoughts and let them all go.  How appeasing and wonderful. This morning, woke up not so early, stayed in bed with thoughts of all kinds and I realise how negative they can be sometimes, or rather past orientated and I just realise the past doesn't no longer exist even if I want it to, it'll never exist anymore, never be, but the present is and that's what matters, what is here and now.  It feels so good to feel oneself, live, be and... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2019

Opening already opened doors

How grateful I am especially when the path ahead of me is bright, claer and infinite.  That's how I feel right now. Not even opening doors but doors that were already opened and I continue my exploration, the discoveries inherent to the world, the richness of human beings.  Endless richness. We all have so much potential, energy and life within us, that's unbelievable and unbelievable how some people can reveal it to us, can reveal the obvious, can show us the obvious.   The sun comes back in the sky, literally... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2019


Acceptation of one's own limits, freedom to life, to feel and to go ahead.  Power of life.
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