Très bonne séance de sophro ce soir où va Florence, qui m'avait donné l'adresse et demandé à la prof si je pouvais me joindre au groupe.  Groupe très sympa également.

Did many things today, felt a bit depressed at the end of the day because on Tuesday went to the Cnam for a training and felt discouraged by the two teachers who presented the training.

Yesterday I saw the councillor at the Rectorat who advised me to go on long sick leave, that is difficult to admit that I might need to go on sick leave and stop working.  I feel kind of not competent enough and unbalanced, destabilised.

Everybody advises me to go on sick leave for the money's part, at least I would be helped whereas if I choose to do things on my own I might find it hard and not get by, and need money.

Well, well, well a hard decision to take, on top of that, the decision of staying or leaving Paris.  Parexit? :-)

Had lunch with Françoise and Julia, I was very happy to see them both, Julia is leaving for good next week by plane.  She told me about her grandma and her aunt being sick, she was sad for she was offered to stay on another year at Charlemagne.   As for Françoise, she's sad about that, and she told us about her troubles at home with her daughters and her husband.  Family life and family rows I guess but nothing alarming.  Her husband seems to find it hard keeping himself busy after 2 years retirement, he used to be very active, to do many things and now he seems to wait for Françoise and as she's still working, they're not always on the same wave length.  

I saw Florence tonight and told her about my questions and self interrogations, she's advising me as is mum and Françoise to go for the sick leave and to drop the mise en disponibilité.

That's about it!

I may phone tomorrow to cancel my demand for a mise en disponibilité.

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