I've never seen this Shakespeare's play.  Many things happen everyday.  I enjoy life and I finally let go of things, of thoughts.  All my worries are gone, I live by the day, it feels good and I don't plan too much.  I just do what I want to do and I follow my intuitions, I hesitate much less than before, what's the point anyway, things are what they are and there's no need brooding over what might have been cos' that won't change anything and what things are.

This morning went to see the councillor at the Rectorat who answered some more questions I had. It remains that the choice is mine.  I decide what I want to do.  I forgot to get my ID card back when I left the building.  

I had lunch with JJ, he helped me see things clearer, it's good to have a feedback to what you say and to have a close friend's point of view on things, on how you feel, it helps so much.   I felt a little sad thinking about Long, missing him, thinking about the good times we shared together.

Then, I went to see the shrink, she's nice and friendly, I spoke a little about Long and my relationship with him, about Frank and my visiting my parents individually last week.  It feels like I'm going on and on about little details, about my interactions with them, my finding difficult to communicate with them sometimes. Well anyway, I like describing my talks with them, I guess it's like in everyone's family, yet sometimes, mum is very sensitive much more than dad or in another way, dad just lets things go, he doesn''t care about what people say, he is like he is and he completely assumes it.   Mum on the contrary often feels guilty or needs to justify herself and needs to speak about herself a lot.   Dad doesn't but it feels like when he's drunk, the way he functions should be the way to function and to act.


Went to the public library to give back a Russell Banks' book "Affliction" and to borrow Harlan Coben's The Stranger.  I've never read that writer and JJ told me about him today when he told me about a new series he's written called Safe shown on Netflix, the series channel.

Manue called me but i didn't get to talk to her, I left a message on her answering machine.

I called Xav, we may see each other this weekend.  I called mum but she was busy on the phone.

That's about it for today.

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