Today, did many things and proud of it.

Went to see the doctor with the IRM of my foot, she gave me the address of a foot doctor to see, to have some shoe soles made.  Then she asked me how I was doing and how things were progressing as far as the mise en dispo is concerned, I thanked her for her concern, told her and added how lucky I was that she was caring and concerned, I cried when I said that for I felt very moved.  She's helped me a lot since I've known her, the hypnosis sessions and her professionalism and care as a doctor really touch me.

I'm lucky and very happy too for it's "un épanchement de synovie" and not polyarthritis or lupus as I had read in doctissimo and had scared me off, habit of scaring oneself and anticipating the worst, well death.

So my suffering could have been much worse.

. Then, I went to the knitting shop to cancel the workshop I'd booked for tomorrow and above all to give back a needle I had accidentally taken from Martine, another knitting woman from the workshop, I just hope she didn't need it, but Emeline, the shop assistant told me she'd not heard from her;

. Went to the CMP rue Servan which directed me to the one in Avenue de République from which I depend living where I live in the 11th district; they were very welcoming and gave me an appointment for next week, I'll be seeing 2 nurses, then the next step will be the appointment with a shrink :-)( well saw they had day workshops, I'd love attending them and meet new people around activities;

. Came back home, after having done some food shopping then had some lunch;

. then had a nap cos' I had such a headache, too much thinking or the weather or whatever

It felt good, so good and then I was tip top afterwards, ready to go to the (beforehand called Dad to tell him about my coming to Brittany and telling him when I could meet, if he'd be available...  always being careful and very clear/ crystal clear I should say to tell him about what I want would like or need, if he can and if he cannot that won't be a problem and that he's got the choice to refuse so that I consider myself and him as different human beings on the same level, well always balancing)

. workshop at the cnam, a workshop I'd booked about helping you to write a resume and a motivation letter when looking for a job, very helpful workshop and helpful assistants who were patient, clear and helpful, also interesting to see other people sharing their experiences and showing their resume and the assistants taking the resume to improve them or give guidances as to make it better;

. then went back home, cooked for dinner, some potatoes, fried ones;

. called Manue to ask how she is, left a message;

. then called Dad again for he'd left me a message, asked him if I could use his wifi, he accepted and I realised it's kind of him, I must relish this kind gesture for I was very quick to see the dark side and to condemn him, I was using the wrong lens, the dark one, where I can't see anything cos' it's dark, I'm blind, whereas I used the correct lens and saw far away, towards the horizon the beautiful light of love and kindness;

. Bought Psychologie Magazine, on the front cover "Resilience"

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