29 octobre 2017


Beautiful world which entails so many things: sharing, love, bond, happiness, security, kindness, laughter, wonder, admiration... but also as any human relations can sometimes trigger some disturbing mental thought such as jealousy, envy or comparison but I guess it's when someone is not at ease or not completely self-confident.  I sometimes feel that but mostly the first emotions which make me so happy.  Listening and properly listening is a skill to be developed, I develop it more and more or so I try to, by focusing on... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2017


Humility, being able to go on the other's mountain and see from his viewpoint not only from our viewpoint to understand him or her better.  Trust the other and oneself and take the risk to be disappointed but just give, let go and be.  
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16 octobre 2017

Peace and love

Longing for a haven of peace with the sea, the horizon and the beautiful blue sky above and some light shining from me.  No, I'm not on drugs just visualizing and experiencing a peaceful state amid the city. Not obvious but completely possible and so soothing and enjoyable. Was very nice yesterday and the day before, saw M and S who came over for the weekend.  We visited the exhibition at the Musée Jacquemart André yesterday, the Hansen collection, with beautiful paintings from the Impressionists but also very nice... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2017

Feel good

Feel much better today, ups and downs, especially with overloaded work, but quite rewarding and let go of things and put myself less pressure, above all.   A young student said "Ta gueule" today in class, I'd already told her and warned her to calm down but she's too at ease and is quite irregular in her mood, so she tends not to watch her language like this morning, I told her I would write a report, well I think I'll just tell her headteacher to speak with her and tell her to watch her language, she doesn't control... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2017

I am tired

Difficult to work in a high school and my self-confidence is taking a huge blow in the face.  Difficult especially in the final year classes who have the A-Level at the end of the year.   We need to prepare them for it and I don't even know the program very well, or what we have to do, so many things in just 2 hours a week per class.  That's almost an impossible mission, well basically I do my best, I've got the feeling I don't make them think enough, I don't get them to reflect how I would like them to, I wish... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2017


Paix, méditation et introspection, harmonie avec soi même puis avec les autres, paix intérieure et ouverture à soi-même et aux autres.  Funny how it all came suddenly in French, I'd just read pages on a Buddhist centre in Paris I want to go to.  They offer meditation practise on different topics.  I like meditating on my own but I'd like to try to do it with others as well, as if it were a gymnastic practise of the mind so to say.  And exchanges of minds as well to enrich myself and my knowledge of body and mind... [Lire la suite]
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01 octobre 2017

Nice day today

Getting better, and starting to breathe let go and do my best at work.  Always a pleasure to listen to some hypnosis sessions on youtube, or meditations sessions as well.  Very good ones being posted from some professionals among other things.  Saw A yesterday and had lunch with her, was nice, we had a nice talk on the world at large, politics and down-to-earth subjects as well as our jobs, we exchanged on our practises at work, the topics we're treating with the pupils, rather students for me now, and how we treat... [Lire la suite]
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