Beautiful world which entails so many things: sharing, love, bond, happiness, security, kindness, laughter, wonder, admiration... but also as any human relations can sometimes trigger some disturbing mental thought such as jealousy, envy or comparison but I guess it's when someone is not at ease or not completely self-confident.  I sometimes feel that but mostly the first emotions which make me so happy.  Listening and properly listening is a skill to be developed, I develop it more and more or so I try to, by focusing on the message of my friend(s), just being neutral and opening my ears not letting my proper thoughts, experiences, prejudices or judgements parasite the message.  It's so enriching to do that.  Well, experiencing and using the tools provided by wise men or experienced people such as Christophe André, Matthieu Ricard and also Alexandre Jollien in their book "Trois Amis en Quête de Sagesse" is very interesting and enlightening, the more so when doing meditation nearby to develop empathy, benevolence and compassion towards oneself and the others.  

This week, I had a kind of revelation when doing a meditation on the nature of the spirit, I felt at one with the universe and everyone, linked to the whole world.  That was quite impressive and so fulfilling.   I don't know I felt that I had a divine nature and so we all did, but I found it and I felt it.  I still feel that wonderful experience when writing about it.

Friendship, so fulfilling as well and enriching, just to be ... and to be with others and linked to them but not in clinging to them and being attached to them, just sharing, feeling their presence and being near them, as something balanced and peacefully being with them and enjoying it, and letting thoughts pass not fixing my mind on them but letting them go, and letting go.


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