Feel much better today, ups and downs, especially with overloaded work, but quite rewarding and let go of things and put myself less pressure, above all.  

A young student said "Ta gueule" today in class, I'd already told her and warned her to calm down but she's too at ease and is quite irregular in her mood, so she tends not to watch her language like this morning, I told her I would write a report, well I think I'll just tell her headteacher to speak with her and tell her to watch her language, she doesn't control herself and she forgets where she is and the social codes.  Well such is life!

Received a nice message from M this morning very encouraging one as well as from M who's coming back from holidays at Josiane's.  Hopes she got home safe. Will send her a message.

Tomorrow lunch time is my weekend, this time, a short one for I'm attending a 2 day conference for Lycéens au Cinéma, a nice program this year again, with Le Dictateur, M le Maudit et Starship Troopers and 2 other films, one from la Nouvelle Vague.

Let go, lâcher prise, so nice to hear this expression and especailly all that goes with it!

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