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We are all shining stars.

How nice to live and be, and welcome all that comes, emotions, thoughts and let them all go.  How appeasing and wonderful.

This morning, woke up not so early, stayed in bed with thoughts of all kinds and I realise how negative they can be sometimes, or rather past orientated and I just realise the past doesn't no longer exist even if I want it to, it'll never exist anymore, never be, but the present is and that's what matters, what is here and now.  It feels so good to feel oneself, live, be and ankered in our mother earth, the universe, the ground.

Took the tube, then went to Mc Do for a tea, had a nice exchange with a member of staff, a lady I'd admired for her dexterity in doing her job, coffee, tea, chocolate making.  She's doing it without thinking, as if she were reciting a poem she'd learnt by heart.  How wonderful our body and mind can function together, that was the perfect illustration of it, she's learnt all the gestures, her brain commands her what to do and she does it as if it were a reflex, I was fascinated by her dexterity the first time I saw her.   A delight and amazement to observe the human body and mind function together.

Went to ATRT Paris, for the office workshop.  Ate there, had an exchange with 2 comrades from Monday's workshop.  

Saw M. Thoraval who is a very kind, benevolent and caring man, he's so caring and altruistic.

Went to the workshop, I was so happy and self-proud when I realised I could do the task I thought I couldn't do at first, just by being patient, by concentrating myself and letting go of some fear and anxiety of not being able to do it, it all went well.  I also concentrated on the tasks I was assigned, asked when I felt the need to without fearing to be rejected or having to rehearse in my mind how to ask.  I realised again how thoughts can be so limiting, happiness is not a possession to be prized, it's a quality of thought, a state of mind, so is optimism and self-confidence that needs to be cultivated and nurtured like a beautiful flower, this beautiful inner peace inside each and everyone of us.

I saw Mrs Liyan as well, I was so happy, she asked me to take an appointment with her for I told her that I was interested in doing the workshop Dealing with stress.  So that's what I did at the end of the office workshop, I went to see the secretary, very young and kind.  I took the tube and went to post my tax revenue form, Frédérique helped me fill it yesterday evening.  It was very nice of him.

This evening, ate with Manue des Arts, always so nice to be and share time with her, she's warm, very wise and so knowledgeable, a dear friend and confident, she's very supportive, bright, honest and so sensitive, a shining star in my life.  So wonderful to be surrounded by shining lights and to realise it, to have this chance.  That's why life is so wonderful, to let our shining star be and to see the shining star in everyone, to let mine come out and to help the other or just observe it in the other, in people.  I just love it.  Just let the light in and out. A nectar of life.

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