How grateful I am especially when the path ahead of me is bright, claer and infinite.  That's how I feel right now. Not even opening doors but doors that were already opened and I continue my exploration, the discoveries inherent to the world, the richness of human beings.  Endless richness.

We all have so much potential, energy and life within us, that's unbelievable and unbelievable how some people can reveal it to us, can reveal the obvious, can show us the obvious.  

The sun comes back in the sky, literally speaking, no more rain at least today, and the weather is lighter, brighter and sunnier.  

Today, walked with Florence in the Jardin du Luxembourg, she's a great friend, I hold her dear to my hear, she's like a mirror, often when I speak to her, so are a few friends, the more I know them, the more I love them, unconditionally, as they are.

I feel I no longer want to change things, for things are as they are, so are people but I feel I've got the power to change some things that are no longer satisfactory to me, and I am confident I can do that, and knowing that is so fulfilling, I feel I am no longer controlled by circumstances but I believe in myself, in life and in people I love, I believe in me, in my power to change some things, we all do have some power, we are not just spectators, we are also actors, who can decide what role they can play or they choose to play.  

Mrs Hamelin, the psychotherapist who works with M. Thoraval is a great and beautiful person, she has something and she moved me so much, she's a wise person and so guiding and wonderful.

Today, I met a woman, named Danielle, at the bus stop, we talked all the way to our stop, we stopped at the same station and we exchanged phone number, she lives in the States and is French, yet she finds France's way of living so complicated, we had a talk on respective ways of living in the States and in France.   Very interesting.

Sent the Manue's messages, I'm going to dine with Manue tomorrow evening and with Manue des Arts on Friday night.  Very happy.

Thank you life.

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gratitude"