2 months since I last wrote.

Inner peace and sometimes identification with my thoughts or guilt.  

Bullying in the family, strange behaviour and a lot of suffering, what for well, never mind, for nothing, nothing to understand, that's just the fact that some people suffer a lot, have a lot of resentment, anger and have to express it and spit it out for it's too much to bear.  Ignorance, unconsciousness and self-identification with ways of functioning, forgetting to be, forgetting to forgive and let go.  Grudge, anger, lack of empathy and need to be heard and listened to.   I feel sad, and a lot of compassion for these people, I think about my dad, my brother... they try to destroy and bully the other, feed themselves from the inner peace of the other, spread negative vibes so much they suffer and I let go faced with their anger, tell them how their way of expressing themselves or accusing, bullying the other is hurtful or basically ignorant.

We all die the same way anyway.  

We are all equal, I want to spread love and compassion for their suffering, live, be and love.

Love, love, love.

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