What a day today?   Everyday is so intense in my life now, I feel so intensely whenever I'm in the world, I feel like a flower drinking the nectar of the day, feeling the waves, the intensity in each relation with someone else.

My body is breathing, everything is bursting into life, an explosion of emotions and energy, life, I feel like everything is moving around me, I'm in a whirlpool in a round of interactions, playing, dancing, singing, speaking, reacting, looking, feeling, tasting, laughing, aching, smiling, expressing emotions fully, intensely, it's great, everything is sometimes bursting especially when I feel.

Thoughts are passing, they are passing and disappearing, that's great, I love looking at them, observing them as they come and go and disappear. Disproportionate thoughts sometimes, and I just realise by talking to myself or to another person how human it is to have thoughts and to feel.

This morning, I bought the book of the bookclub, the Diner by Herman Koch a Dutch writer.

I called JJ who's been in Houlgate since Sunday and who was walking on the path along the beach.  I could visualize the place as he was telling me what was going on, I could see him, the people, the beach, the sea and the beautiful seaside and how breathtaking it must be and so reinvigorating.

I went to a Libanese restaurant with Fred to eat, just before I had M. Thoraval's visit at 2 pm.

This time, he met M. Pellieux, not Mrs Motta Garcia for I guess, she was very busy with the A-Level results, the last marks' checkings and adjustments I guess in the school apps.

I was so anxious about the visit, about what M. Pellieux had to say, I started by telling all that i'd learnt, and how wonderfully happy I felt when M. Pellieux offered me to stay on, well an offer that he negotiated on his terms with M. Thoraval and I have to contact the Medecin de Prévention for authorisation to work, or to have an authorisation for more hours, also it'll be the rectorat which will take the decision.

But so long, I just cherish the day, and the moment, that's all that matters.

Seize the day and carpe diem.

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