Imagine if humans could fly.

Today I went to Reurea, it was nice very interesting, we had a heated debate about cheating in class, we remembered our pupils cheating and we talked about cheating, that it was positive for some in the sense that it meant cheating pupils still cared about school, or else cheating was a lot of work to organize for some.  We laughed remembering the pupils who cheated.  We didn't speak a lot about us.  Well I'm a little bit worried about my situation in the sense that I don't know when my training will end, cos' I received a contract with the ending date being in April.  I don't dare ask to M. Peillieux about the finishing date.  It kind of scares me.  Still I want to do it to know cos' we had talked about July being the ending date.  At least, I'd be reassured for I count on it.

Apart from that, I feel quite good, I saw Annie, we had lunch together and we walked and talked about our situation.

I find it hard to believe in healing, this morning it scared me when we talked about it, yet I know it's possible, I know it,  sometimes I want to feel good all the time, yet that's not life, and I want to live, or know how to control my fears or live them.  Accept that they sometimes come and let them go.  Breathe deeply, focus on the body.  It should be taught in school those management skills so to say.  

I feel free, I feel good, it's the anticipation process which is unproductive.  Be and live.  Here and now.


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