So appeasing to be with oneself sometimes, the exterior can be sometimes very tiring, people's sufferings,  judgments or prejudices can be narrowing and reducing.  

Forms can take so much space in people's minds sometimes and simplicity is so liberating and pleasant sometimes.

I'm talking about cooking, I'm not very good or very used to cooking and I lack some knowledge on it.  Furthermore, I don't have cooking utensils or people to cook to, or basically sometimes I'm too lazy to cook and in our consumer society, it's easy to buy a readymade dish.  I was not transmitted cooking skills, it's never too late to learn mind you, but I've got other interests right now, and I guess, I'm more used to eating, I know very well how to eat so many international cooking.  What would suit me would be to have someone cooking for me and learn with him or her.

It' s unbelievable how many things one can do in a day.  As far as I'm concerned doing too many things quickly tires me.  So I'd rather do a few things, a few activities then go from one activity to the other.  I need to have space of mind to be able to take some distance from the activity I did and the social interaction it meant doing it although I love interacting, yet it demands some personal energy to listen, to proceed, to observe and to let go.  What I prefer is when the observing, the considering, the TRUSTING and the letting go occur, it's so rewarding.

No more guilt, just freedom to live and be, let live and let be.  SO MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT THEN!