Doing some arrowwords, kind of struggling to find famous English names or surnames in English television or Engllish culture.  Good that the internet helps me with it.

Happy about my day, though tired.  Went to the MGEN workshop this morning, always very enriching to share one's own experience and tips about one's own professional experience.  So interesting to speak with the others and their experience as well, many have the same anxieties and fears as I do.  Christine the moderator is very reassuring and encouraging.   She knows a lot about the texts, the ways, she knows how to listen and she is interested in everyone, in the advancing steps of everyone.

Afterwards we went for lunch at the MGEN's.  I'm happy to be able to share my professional experience with other people who have encountered burnouts or depressions or want to change course in their professional life.

This afternoon, went to the bakery's and had a nice time with Samira and Sabine.  It feels so good to laugh again, to take things lightly with some distance.  I am now more and more capable of taking some distance.  Yet this morning, aware that I had some administrative and medical calls to make, I got frightened suddenly scared that I wouldn't be believed if I were not well like going to the doctor's to renew my sick leave.  But I know I have some difficulties and am sometimes finding it hard to face certain fears still although I have progressed so much and am so proud of myself, yet sometimes I feel anxious.  The more I share and speak about me, my feelings, my emotions and I respect the way I am or I feel here and then, the better I feel.  I feel free, lighter, light, the letting go is just freedom, I am here and now.  So liberating and right, harmony and balance.

I saw Flo and Théo yesterday afternoon, I felt very happy to see them both, I hadn't seen them for ages, they look good together.  Florence was there as well, we had a drink, it was nice, we talked about everything.  No hiding, no taboo.  I felt good.

Freedom.  Speech helps become free as well as doing, accepting things, emotions, letting go, letting pass.

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