27 novembre 2018

Love, love, love

So moving and overwhelming to feel love, overwhelmed by all the love I see around me.  I see suffering but also so much love in people, it's amazing, this force, this transcendental energy which can lift you up like nothing else. I start realising how blessed I am to have all the love around me, to receive so much love from the people around me, I feel it now and am so blessed to receive it, to accept it and also to give it.  It's a powerful gift and present, all the love around one. PEACE and LOVE, I finally understand,... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2018

Beyond shapes and thoughts

lies the spirit and the light.
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20 novembre 2018

Forgiveness - understanding - compassion - freedom and love

Forgiveness Is an Inside Job Holding on to hurt feelings limits your ability to be present. Move past resentment and anger by learning to forgive yourself first. By Carley Hauck.  Left to their own devices, our inner narratives or  personal stories  can easily lead us down a path of reactivity: we start blaming and shaming, and as a result, we are not able to move forward into compassion, understanding, and forgiveness of ourselves or others. Simply put: when we get stuck in our heads, weaving narratives, even... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2018


Healing by hugging oneself and giving oneself love and tenderness   
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12 novembre 2018


I've been feeling very tired since this morning.  Yesterday, we had a long walk with Seb, we walked for almost 12 kms.  My body has been stretched, I feel like an elastic is no longer elastic. Yet my mind is functioning properly, I guess because everything is functioning kind of properly now, that's normal tiredness from weariness of having worked, seen people as I'm used to living alone now and not necessarily talking a lot like I used to.  And also the fact of not letting go sometimes of things or my body... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2018

Fear and wisdom

Today, I had some anxieties at work, especially when Jocelyne asked me to help her, I feared I would fail her so to say and experienced some pressure, I put myself under pressure, I was happy for I was able to observe it and especially I felt like I was blushing and she would notice it and it would disturb her like it did me at the same time, but then I let it go, it sort of went away and I thought that was it, but I guess I was frightened to be at the front, on my own and being alone to work, bearing the burden or rather being... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2018

Fruity life

Lâcher prise - Letting go, bliss and wholeness. Very happy for I live, I accept and I let go, sometimes, I find it easier to explain how I feel sometimes, especially with the shrinks I see, I  understand and weigh how much I find it hard sometimes to trust myself, others and how much I feel bereft when I compare myself with what others have, I accept that I cannot control everything and that sometimes I have some negative patterns that are triggered by others, how much I can be influenced and impressed by what others say or how... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2018


I kind of panick when I don't understand something or when I realise I have doubts and don't grasp things, trying to concentrate myself and to understand or to do the thing I have to do, I realise it in knitting for instance.  I also realise I understand some people better than others, previously I didn't use to listen to some people, just trying to find out who they were, what they thought and mainly how they felt, that I understand, that is something I fully grasp and understand, feelings, emotions, I have a deep understanding... [Lire la suite]
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