I've been feeling very tired since this morning.  Yesterday, we had a long walk with Seb, we walked for almost 12 kms. 

My body has been stretched, I feel like an elastic is no longer elastic.

Yet my mind is functioning properly, I guess because everything is functioning kind of properly now, that's normal tiredness from weariness of having worked, seen people as I'm used to living alone now and not necessarily talking a lot like I used to.  And also the fact of not letting go sometimes of things or my body controlling things and my brain lacking in some substances, giving me less energy.

I did many things today at work and I managed to do them properly, to understand everything, to manage everything alright;

Tonight, I went to the knitting workshop and continued knitting the sock, sometimes I don't understand everything straightaway but Marily is patient with me, I understand the theory but find it hard to put it into practice, especially  I need someone to watch me doing it to tell me whether I'm doing it properly for when the person does it alone sometimes I need several times to get it in my head, to understand.

It's always interesting to see how one works.

I realise I love doing things manually and I learn to be patient with myself for I don't understand as quickly as intellectual things or concepts and it's a real discovery and apprenticeship to learn things manually that are to be done with the mind and body as well, that need understanding as well as practical experiencing, not just talking and creating with the mind but also creating with the body, it feels so good to use the body and the mind, that's what I'd been missing and need to do more and more.

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