Revelation to see that everyone feels, suffers, observes, acknowledges, trusts or not, has the right to or not and lets go.  And still is different.  No one person is alike however hard or she may try.  Everyone has love and compassion except maybe psychopath but I think they represent a real minority.  It's compelling to see that appear and shine in oneself as in others, to see the differences of mood, the letting go of things, the moving on of life, the rhythm and passing of one's life, each moment different, like clouds or the sky and never the same if one sees it a tiny second difference.  Yet it can feel the same but no, therefore, enjoy the present moment for it never lasts, be there, live the here and now.  Then you feel your whole body in unison with your mind, in harmony and peace for peace is in the here and now, within oneself, the perfect harmony between body and mind, that's the wholeness and the true wisdom or rather the being one with the whole, the universe.  It feels so great being part of the universe, feeling a part of it, like an atom part of a whole, always having been part of that whole even when we were not there, as if it'd always been like that forever, for ages, for the first time of humanity and universe being there, anyone was contained in it.  

No I haven't drunk or smoked any grass, I'm just realising the wholeness of being.

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