30 septembre 2018

Respect - Freedom

It feels so good to respect one's own rhythm and way of life, not to feel pushed and pressurized in one's everyday's life, to feel free and not compelled to do things by obligation or guilt for fear of being rejected.  No more burden or self-guilt but respect and not wait for others to satisfy oneself.  Accept one's own insatisfaction sometimes and let it go.  "Free at last" as MLK said.
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29 septembre 2018


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25 septembre 2018

the power of talking and sharing - a real catharsis

I truly understand the Greeks and their talent of transmitting stories and epics through oral stories and poems.   An odyssey of life.  
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24 septembre 2018

Deuil and acceptation

The here and now is the only thing real and alive like me. Tout passe, rien n'est permanent et c'est ce qui fait la beauté, l'unicité, la valeur et la richesse de chaque instant.  LA VIE.
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20 septembre 2018

Fear transcended by love

Peace and serenity. Peace in loneliness and acceptation of fears, just live, love and let them be.
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19 septembre 2018


We all shine through as stars do in the world and the universe.  
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18 septembre 2018

Taking it easy

Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer... Complaining doesn't solve anything but it helps get it away from one's chest anyway and that's one good thing and great thing at least. Things are as they are, as are people and as is the world. This morning, nice session with the psychologist.  It's always good to talk. Then, back to the baker's where I talked with Seb and the staff and we headed on to the market. Yesterday evening, went to a knitting workshop at a social centre nearby, met very nice women.  Am motivated to go back... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2018

The "power" of doing, being and living

La foi croyante
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16 septembre 2018

Pleasant weekend

Very nice weekend. Journées du patrimoine hier et aujourd'hui. Film Burning avec Manue hier soir et aujourd'hui, pique nique avec Florence à la Cité U et visite de la Maison du Japon et de la Maison des Etats Unis avec peintures de Foujita et de Robert de la Montagne St Hubert. Hier matin, café et "papotage" à la boulangerie, ce matin aussi, Seb, Samira and co ne se prennent pas au sérieux et vivent tout simplement. ça fait tellement de bien, resting of the mind and peace of the mind, it's strange, i just feel like I don't want to... [Lire la suite]
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13 septembre 2018

Happiness - self-belief

carpe diem - seize the moment - le pouvoir du moment présent - le bonheur
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