Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer...

Complaining doesn't solve anything but it helps get it away from one's chest anyway and that's one good thing and great thing at least.

Things are as they are, as are people and as is the world.

This morning, nice session with the psychologist.  It's always good to talk.

Then, back to the baker's where I talked with Seb and the staff and we headed on to the market.

Yesterday evening, went to a knitting workshop at a social centre nearby, met very nice women.  Am motivated to go back next week.

This afternoon, did some cleaning in the flat, felt good then tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep so went out, phoned mum, had a nice chat then went back to the baker's and discussed with Seb and Nabiha or rather Nadine, an elderly retired Algerian woman, who used to work as a doctor.

Carried on listening to an audiobook, a psychological thriller by Sarah Pinborough, an English writer.

Feeling fine although with some fears and memories of when I was scared going for my job in London and when I felt very lonely and scared as an abandoned child, but I'm no longer that person in the sense that I'm still vulnerable, and still have my fragilities but I'm strong too and I'm looking after myself and doing my best, taking care of myself.  I'm the best person to do that and I'm doing it very well.  Let go, trust myself and the others.  People are good at heart and try to do their best, if they hurt people it's because they suffer themselves and they don't do it on purpose, sometimes they don't even realise they're doing it unless told.  

"Honesty is the first step to wisdom."  Thomas Jefferson

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