Very nice weekend.

Journées du patrimoine hier et aujourd'hui.

Film Burning avec Manue hier soir et aujourd'hui, pique nique avec Florence à la Cité U et visite de la Maison du Japon et de la Maison des Etats Unis avec peintures de Foujita et de Robert de la Montagne St Hubert.

Hier matin, café et "papotage" à la boulangerie, ce matin aussi, Seb, Samira and co ne se prennent pas au sérieux et vivent tout simplement.

ça fait tellement de bien, resting of the mind and peace of the mind, it's strange, i just feel like I don't want to write too much in English anymore as if a time had passed, memories gone by, like difficult times in England, in London and heading back to France at the same time plenty of "identities" so to say, different roles, it's good to change, to be adaptable and not to stick to one thing, to adapt, to be flexible, and not stick to one identity, we're multifaceted, one can't be defined or put in a box, people are rich and multifaceted.

Listening to a very good audiobook on youtube, Behind her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, a contemporary English psychological novel, very well read, with different accents and tone of voice for each character.

Saw 2 old pupils of mine yesterday morning, it was nice but also kind of strange, like belonging to an old life, well I'd met them in school contexts all the time and there it was in a neutral context, everyday life context, I was walking and so were they with members of their family.  Actually it was nice, kind of neutral and I didn't feel like their old school English teacher.

I feel good or at least much better with myself although having fears and assuming them, assuming all my fears and anxieties but wanting to live with them, simply live, be and feel.

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