Another nice day full of teachings, experiences and emotions.  A beautiful life.

I feel kind towards myself and learning to LIVE and enjoy life, observe and just let go and observe thoughts appear and go by, emotions appear and go by, no control but just BEING and LIVING.  It feels so good, so new and so right and natural.

Overate today again, less than yesterday though.  

Read a little, went to Kioko, the Japanese market shop near Pyramides, took the monthly newspaper about Japan.  This month, Shinjuku 50 years from 1968.  Last summer, I took the Japanese courses in Shinjuku, a big business district in Tokyo.  I got to know it quite well, very busy with huge skyscrapers almost and full of people, of Japanese writing everywhere, it felt like I was somewhere in space almost because of all the signs I couldn't read, I just looked at like a completely new thing, not knowing what to make of them.

Finally, booked my train ticket to Marseille, I'm off the day after tomorrow on Thursday, such a big train strike at the moment in France and it'll go on for the next 3 months because of the coming reform of the public service SNCF and the opening of the train system to competition.  Of course, the current status of the  SNCF employees will be changed as far as the future employees are concerned, that means they will be recruited under new working conditions and of course it creates doubts, uncertainties...

Well, the government must reform the public system because of Brussels, the EU, France is one of the last country in Europe not to have reformed the train public system, well who said that France was quite a conservative country and very hard to go ahead as far as social changes are concerned. Well, that's quite my point of view, French people agree that reforms must be implemented but when someone dares implement them or remove longstanding policies or status, then people don't agree anymore, they go on strike, without even hearing things out.  A very ancient way of doing things, I guess, part of the French culture with the consequences that it brings out.

The church bell is ringing,10 pm, I like hearing the sound of the church bell.

I love learning and going ahead, and it feels so good to be conscious of it, to be mindful.

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