I'm so happy for I had a great day today and i feel good, relieved, lightened of a huge weight that was my work, I had a burn out, maybe a breakdown, anyway what I'm sure of is that i now feel so light and enlightened as well.  

I have time, I relish the time and I LIVE without shame, without guilt, simply and so naturally.

I'm very happy to be surrounded by great friends and I never forget TRUST, in myself cos' I feel it so much, I have found it again like a long lost love, that has almost been though, is there and will always be there.  When I look at it and see it shining, illuminating me and my way, it's so beautiful.  I bathe in it, I spread it around me and around everybody, LOVE that is so fulfilling and it feels so right, so natural, i feel in harmony with myself and i am whole.

Did some gym this morning, was difficult at first, I felt lazy, so tired but I just did it and am so pround of myself, this energy, this inner life energy and love energy.  I had lunch with Manue "des arts" at her place, we chatted about humanity, love and human beauty and failures or sufferings rather which sometimes prevent our love to spread a,d to shine.   We walked to her favourite square where we chatted some more, and just admired the nature around us in the shape of trees, a kind of small English garden, a swallow with an orange beak.

I am so happy to write in English again, it just comes back so naturally and I'm happy to use and write in this beautiful language again.  

Yesterday evening, went to see Tout Le Monde Debout, a French movie with Manue at a UGC in Opéra.  We spent a great evening together, chatting, rebuilding the world, telling each other about ourselves, our lives...

I listened to the first 2 episodes of a radio book broadcast on BBC 4, a book by William Patteson called A Pattern Recognition, a spy novel taking place in London, in Tokyo with the main character, a coolhunter, a woman who is sensitive to images, footage and has a gift for it.  She uses it to help companies choose advertising posters.  Very well read and theatralised.

I spoke with Mum yesterday afternoon, for a long while, was very nice and a great exchange.

Also phoned dad on Friday to ask him about his medical intervention, went rather well and he was about to leave the hospital when I phoned him. His girlfriend, Marie-Paule was going to drive him back to her place where he would rest for a few days, I believe.

So good not to have the working pressure but to live and rest and enjoy the day, seize the moment.

Véronique, Mum's ex girlfriend, sent me a picture of her granddaughters with some Easter Eggs.

With Manue we had some chocolate dessert, a fondant au chocolat and a chocolate tart with some nuts on top of it.  I like buying 2 desserts and sharing them.  It feels like double pleasure.


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