I'm happy and lucky in my job.  I've got very good benevolent colleagues who offer me their support, who listen to me and with whom I can share my practise.  I've been wanting to do that for such a long time, for our job can be so solitary sometimes or that's what I used to think, I just didn't dare speak about my practise for fear of being judged but I am the one who judges me the hardest sometimes.  That's all to do with love, giving love and spreading the love I have to myself and everyone and believing in myself and just realising and accepting that I am like everybody, sometimes full of beans and at other times, tired, irritated, confused, moved, disturbed, happy, joyful, in a good mood, loving and caring.  All we need is love, all the humans have love and want to love and to be loved.  Let them love and be loved as they deserve and as they need to be.


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