Hi there,

today, met 2 nice and friendly person.  One man who decided to retreat from the working world he had been living in for 10 years and now just prefers to enjoy his freedom.  I can understand him, yet this is a choice but I don't really think such a good choice as far as I'm concerned as it sounds like an avoidance.  Cos' he still lives in it, but only doesn't work, well maybe he's not able to, I didn't ask him.  He seems kind of very sensitive man, who got fed up with the system, so it seemed to me, he looks like he didn't manage to let go and just accept things and the world as it is, with its injustices and its suffereings and inequities and so on.  That's just a reality for one thing.

Then in the Jardin des Plantes, Nadine who is 55 from Brittany, we had a rich exchange and got to know each other in less than an hour, confessed things to each other, exchanged she showed a lot of empathy and shared her experience, it felt so good to create a link so easily, she gave me her phone number.

I feel like I'm opening myself to the outside world again, knowing that's the answer to all my unease within myself, and my "dysfunctioning of mind" as all human beings sometimes and on a different scale or fields when it happens.

Ran this morning with M, then we ate some pastrami sandwich in Le Marais with a very nice dessert, we had a very nice time in the cold but also some sunshine we stayed in when it was there as if we were starving for some light to provide us with some wellbeing inside.


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